Dr. Earl Mindell’s Unsafe at Any Meal
Book Synopsis

The ultimate health-defense guide for eating wisely and safely

Food manufacturers rely increasingly on the use of chemicals to produce larger crops and livestock and to extend the shelf lives of products. Foods once considered safe are being tagged as potential health hazards on a regular basis. Contaminated beef, orange juice carrying salmonella–the list continues to grow. The nearly 3,000 additives being concealed in food products can cause everything from asthma and headaches to heart problems, miscarriages, cancer, and more. Dr. Earl Mindell’s Unsafe at Any Meal, a bestseller in its previous edition, is the consumer’s best weapon against the hidden hazards in food, drink, herbs, and medicines.

Dr. Earl Mindell, one of America’s leading nutrition experts, exposes the food industry’s chemical cover-ups and provides crucial information on what to look out for when shopping, cooking, and taking medications. This thoroughly revised, updated edition includes coverage of genetically modified foods as well as foods designed to provide specific health benefits.